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hooray! New Studio!

At last after 7 years of waiting I’ve got a new studio ! Can’t wait to have most of my stuff out of the house and my loom saved from the garden!!

Not quite sure how I’m going to afford it but I’ll just have to chase those potential commissions! ( I have a few) tapestry portaits in the potential pipe line!

Any way I’d better get on…

 just desperate to tell you!

Things to do….


finish tapestry portrait

62 group piece for august

More violet and blue scarves – using the taffetas on the cashmere should be devine.

finish off the knitting and post to byemmajo.etsy.com

acounts up to date

textiles brief before august

cup cake teapots start

cupcake hats start

beret knitting pattern

i’m sure there is more!