Diei (series)


12 x 7.5 inches

Luscious multicoloured hand woven tapestry, woven at 12 warp to the inch.
Woven using cotton and linen,metallic multicoloured threads and neon green plastic thread.

The tapestry is mounted on card ready to be framed.
This piece of work is from a series of work I make called ‘Diei’ – this means from day to day, I use this title to convey how colours affect ones mood from day to day! – this tapestry certainly makes me feel happy when I look at all the colours!

My tapestries are hand woven using a technique similar to the Gobelin tapestries in Paris.

Some tapestries take quite a long time to weave ,some weeks, some months, some years! It really depends on the fine-ness of each one and detail within. Tapestries are priced accordingly to size and detail and also if there is text woven within them as well.

I work with thread as if it’s paint, people quite often from a distance will think my tapestries are paintings!

I LOVE colour and often play with it to give my tapestries a jewel like effect! My grand father and his father before him were stained glass artists – I think my love of colour has come from them!