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From here…. A new Landscape Tapestry – one of the most romantic commissions I have woven….and I’ve woven a few…

Just over a year ago – I was asked if I’d be willing to take on a landscape commission… as most of you know – I specialize in portrait tapestry weaving….so you can understand that landscape is a little different for me…. The client had a photograph that her husband took and cherished that she wanted to have as the inspiration for a tapestry… I decided to create a new design so the tapestry wasn’t just a copy of the photograph but became a little more layered – I added the longitude and latitude of where the photograph was taken and also added a secret ingredient of the constellations of the members of their family – secret because it can only be seen at night!

As the tapestry was a gift and the recipient didn’t know about it until it was finished and posted to him – I wasn’t able to post pictures until now….





Here is an image of the glow in the dark thread – whilst the tapestry was still being woven – you can see the bobbins with the glow in the dark thread hanging!

The tapestry has been woven using Appletons crewel wool ¬†and some polyester glow in the dark thread…The warp was cotton and all woven at 10 epi

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