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Had a really great day!

Took part in the Sky Arts Portrait Festival – which was held in conjunction with the Sky Arts Portrait of the year competition – Glasgow Heats. The competition was held downstairs in the Glasgow Art Galleries and the portrait festival was upstairs. I had a lot of people coming and watching me weave my portrait of Billie Dove and I got interviewed by Frank Skinner – he even wove a tiny part of the background of the tapestry! During any breaks I got I ran downstairs to watch the contestants paint their sitters – it was fabulous to watch!sky arts 029 frank skinner

Sky Arts portrait Festival

Sky Arts are holding a portrait festival in conjunction with the Scottish heats of the ‘Sky Arts Portrait of the Year Award 2013’ This will be held at Kelvingrove Art Galleries Glasgow from 11am til 5pm.

21 artists paint 3 famous sitters for an exciting new TV series presented by Frank Skinner and Joan Bakewell. The Sitters are Actor John Hannah, Wheelchair Rugby Paralympian Michael Kerr and Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones.

As part of the portrait festival I will be weaving this portrait of the late great Billie Dove – famous 1920’s film actress – please do come along and watch!