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The last 18 months have been amazing – I loved weaving up at Stirling Castle on the Hunt of the Unicorn (which was finished in December – will be on display in late spring). I do miss being there and the comradery with the staff at the castle. I don’t, I admit miss the drive there and back every day!

2 weeks ago I started a new part time job at The Dovecot Studios Edinburgh, I am delighted to be part of an amazing weaving team and have been welcomed very warmly!

Part time suits me very well as I am able to carry on with family life and commission commitments that I have. The pallette of colours that I’m weaving with at the moment couldn’t be further from the medieval pallette that I’ve been used to the last 18 months. The piece I’m working on just now as part of a team is by Victoria Crowe. It is a huge piece being woven in many panels and the colours are glorious!



Just back from a wonderful week away at my most favorite place in the world – Loch Fyne..  It didn’t matter about the weather or the midges – we had a great time!

While we were there I did a little day trip to Loch Gilphead to meet another contemporary weaver Louise Oppenheimer whose work I have seen online on various sites. She has a studio set up at her home near Loch Gilphead.

I had never met Louise before – she was very gracious in letting us visit out with her open studio times and it was a delight to talk ‘tapestry’ with her.

Her Studio is a very light and airy extension to her house – and the walls are literally filled with sumptuos flow of colour…..

cottageoppenheimer 003 cottageoppenheimer 004 cottageoppenheimer 005

Her wool and materials collection made me smile as its similar to mine and I often feel guilty for having so much – but I don’t now! It waqs great talking tapestry to Louise and its obvious she is very passionate about tapestry weaving – she is full of ideas and has many little pen line ideas  in her sketchbooks – her tapestries as well as colour are full of natural rythm and pattern which seduce you as you look at them.

You can see an article on Louise in Sept/Octs copy of ‘Landscape’ 539609_411155515655868_1035634642_n