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Winter Show at Hanson St Studios

The weekend of the 7th and 8th of December is the last dates of our winter show – There will be new work by painters, stained glass artists , ceramics and textile artists – in fact so many gems of gifts its hard to choose!

The show is set in the main foyer of the Hanson st studios and starts at 11am each day – there is also a great little cafe for coffee and soup. Come along and meet the artists themselves! Come and buy handmade , unique gifts this year for your loved ones!

Here are some images of the show last weekend – this weekend there will be even more things to choose from! There really are some fantastic bargins to be had!


parade2 parade3 parade4parade5 parade6 parade7 parade8

hooray! New Studio!

At last after 7 years of waiting I’ve got a new studio ! Can’t wait to have most of my stuff out of the house and my loom saved from the garden!!

Not quite sure how I’m going to afford it but I’ll just have to chase those potential commissions! ( I have a few) tapestry portaits in the potential pipe line!

Any way I’d better get on…

 just desperate to tell you!

the sky is falling!

My computer went down my sewing machine has bust! – it feels like the sky is falling on my head!

on a positive note I phoned Invercottage and they definately are going to place an order for their exclusive Maclachlan tartan scarves in Jan so that is positive! Also  Maison Cadeaux is going to take some sale or return! Things are going up and down here! I really felt as if I had my arms cut off when the server was down though!

I got some black watch tartan at a good price so I was going to make a black watch check scarf for Saturdays craft fair – I’ll have to see if I can borrow some one elses machine!

The craft fair I am doing is ‘Made in the Shade’ at the light house GlaSGOW 10.30 til 5.30 this sat 25th of October.

more new scarves for the up and coming craft fairs!

New Scarves getting ready for the craft fair in Byblos Glasgow on the 25th of September!

Janice and I did a wee photo shoot yesterday for the application form for ‘made in the shade’ craft fair at the litehouse on 29th of October I hope we get in!

OOPS I’ve managed to put the same photo in twice!

I just love the grey/silver scarf and also the white one janice did!

She’s going to make some cards with the scrap bits”! I think they will look good!

got to go and pin some more! i’m so inspired by the scarves made already!

things to do on a sunday!

last sunday me and tootsie went to a farm called knowetop farm I think…thatas the right spelling…its in the middle of a housing estate in dumbarton. Its a charity community run and was brilliant for the kids

There were lots of animals in huge fields though they all came running to get food and loved being petted by the children

Its free entry, they have a cafe, a soft play area, shop to buy food for ducks,goats,pigs, a barn full of guinea pigs and bunnys. The shop is full of charity items and hand knitted clothes. It was great fun! We’ll be going back soon!


What have I been up too? since I last posted?

Come back from Loch Fyne and a great relaxing holiday…beat janice 9 times out of 11 at scrabble!

Have sorted out my teaching at Langside college

Have made two commissions (scarves) and finished off portrait commission.

Have been to cinema twice with tootsie, wallee (rubbish) and space monkeys(better if slightly)

Have decided to do 2 craft fairs if poss one at Byblos glasgow 27th sept and other at lighthouse 27th oct

Have also decided to embelish small cotton bags as well as cashmere scarves -brains a buzzing with all my thoughts whizzing around at a million miles an hour… have also been watching what I eat and have lost 7lbs this week! amazing really…..

Got tootsie her new gymshoes for her new class tomorrow and also nursery starts for her too in the afternoon

write soon once I’ve calmed doon a bit!